Academy of Science, Innovation, Research and Analysis – “ASIRA”
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Our team of professionals with extensive experience in various fields will help you turn the idea into a project


Research of appropriate financial instruments to support your project

The Academy of Science, Research and Analysis was established entirely on the initiative of the company

One of the novelties presented to you by Plam Energy AD is the growth of the research structure of the company - S.I.R.A, in the Academy of Science, Innovation, Research and Analysis - A.S.I.R.A.
The mission of A.S.I.R.A in its fundamental goals is to unite all Bulgarian scientists, innovators, discoverers with wonderful innovative solutions in the field of innovation and development, and help them find the right investments and the necessary partners for their realization.
We strongly believe that we will achieve our wonderful vision – to turn A.S.I.R.A into an intellectual and scientific hub where business and science will grow together

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Project development

We help you develop the idea in a project and advise you on appropriate funding
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Development and marketing

An already developed project is presented and marketed to our investors
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Investments and implementation

Once an investor has been found, the implementation of your project begins
Bright future for you and your idea

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