In recent years, as a result of the hard work of our management, we can boast on achieving substantial success in the development of the “Technology for the extraction of Brown’s gas and minerals, rich in polymetals from seawater”. There is no analogue to the innovative technology and is an absolute world novelty.


The technology is designed for the production of energy, extraction of mineral resources, and pure distilled water is extracted at the end of its stages, suitable for drinking. The technology is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment. Its advantage is that it can be used to treat highly polluted industrial waters, including radioactive waters.
The most significant advantage of the Plam Energy AD company is its proprietary technology.


The “Technology for extraction of Brown's gas and minerals, rich in polymetals, from seawater” was developed by the company engineers. Its overall development goes through three technological stages. The technology has no analogue in the world practice and is defended before the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria with two utility models with registration Nos. 3152 and 3153, and an issued national patent No. 66889, with application No. 112146/13.11.2015, owned by Plam Energy AD.

Pilot installation

The developed pilot installation for extraction of Brown’s gas is basic and is the first stage of a complete multifunctional technology for extraction of Brown’s gas from seawater and the related extraction of mineral resources from seawater, extremely rich in valuable polymetals. To implement the first stage, Plam Energy AD did a project for the development of a pilot installation for extraction of Brown’s gas from seawater to the level of combustion of the produced energy carrier the Brown’s gas, financed under the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness” in Bulgaria.


First stage: completed and working:

Mineral extraction block, which is a kind of mining plant for extraction of minerals, extremely rich in polymetals from an inexhaustible and endless source with constant, unchanging parameters in time – seawater.

Second stage – pending

Regenerative unit for production of electricity from the obtained Brown’s gas for energy self-power of the whole installation. With this unit, the installation becomes a kind of desalination plant for extraction of drinking water from seawater.

Stage III – pending

Ecological unit, used for the destruction of household waste and conversion of the received energy into electricity. With this unit, the installation also creates energy, for the production of electricity and heat for the household and industry.


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