World inovation

Method for extraction of polymetals from minerals from the Black Sea

A Bulgarian discovery is about to lead to a revolution in various fields of industry – metallurgy, energy, ecology. The world invention – “Technology for the extraction of Brown’s gas and minerals, rich in polymetals, from seawater” is a kind of a mining plant for the extraction of minerals extremely rich in polymetals, as well as for the extraction of drinking water from the sea. The installation can also destroy household waste, produce electricity and heat for the household and industry in a very cheap and environmentally friendly way.
Plam Energy AD is a joint stock company registered in 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was established as a technology startup to develop projects focused on technological and ecological innovations, as well as on the creation of new patentable technologies in the field of renewable energy sources. Our credo is “START UPgrading the world with science”.

Scientific fields of work


Technology for production of energy and mineral resources from seawater; The production of rare metals is especially promising, most of which are extremely expensive on the international market


Extraction of electricity from atmospheric air. With this technology, energy is extracted both from the surrounding air and from areas with accumulated static electricity, which reduces and prevents lightning.


Wireless transmission of electricity in industrial quantities over long distances.
The Plam Energy AD company works and carries out development activities under the following solutions:
  • production of polymetallic minerals
  • production of rare metals
  • tailings treatment
  • destruction of radioactive and household waste
  • creation of energy carrier – Brown’s gas
  • desalination of seawater
  • oxygen enrichment of small and large areas

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